Thank you for contacting Painswick House Dental Practice for an appointment. Our apologies for this formal approach, but under the present circumstances we have escalated our usual protocols to ensure we keep you safe whilst attending the practice. We finally have a date from when we can return to work. Pleas

Whilst we do not yet know for sure what risks there may be, it is clear that dentistry as a whole may well pose a significant risk to both patients and staff alike if normal operating procedures are followed. This pack is to inform you of the changes we are facing under the present Risk Alert status and issue the various documents (our apologies for the paperwork, but we hope you understand the need) which we will need filled out in advance of your attendance.

It is certainly clear that normal service will not resume for some time, and that appointments will be significantly spread out to ensure we can adhere to Social Distancing and the very best cleanliness protocols.

Before you confirm an appointment:

We will:

Please do not worry about these elements; we are always more than happy to give you a call, and chat it through, so no-one should be concerned about the technical bits!

Attached below are the various documents we will send out: