Whilst we do not usually recommend this for the financial security of our patients, using this method eliminates a possible risk of virus spread.

We will confirm the amount owing. Assuming you are happy, the reception team member will then ask you for the long number on your bank card, which consists of 4 sets of 4 numbers. They will then read it back to you to ensure we enter the right number.

eg: 4921 6377 8312 4457

We will then ask for the expiry date of the card which is in the form of a 2 figure number for the month ie May is 05 and August is 08, and a 2 figure number for the year ie 2021 is ’21’. Some card providers ask for the issue date as well (the earlier one) but this is rare.

eg: 11/22 – November 2022

We then enter the agreed amount.

The postcode is sometimes requested at this stage which is

an extra test of security, and is the postcode where the card is registered. Be careful if this a business address not home.

Finally we will ask for the last 3 numbers on the reverse of the card which is again a security feature to show you are holding the actual card. We will then confirm the transaction has gone through securely.

We will not store these details, but rather enter them directly into the card machine.