Please attend only 10 minutes before your appointment. Since we are only expecting a limited number of patients, our reception team will be able to see you arrive and call you to confirm you have safely arrived. Alternatively, please call reception to let us know you have arrived. Please wait in your car until this point.

When the dental team is ready for you, they will open the locked front door, and signal for you to approach. Please note we will be wearing maximum PPE, so may look a little Sci-fi! We will check your temperature (non-contact thermometers) before taking you straight up to the treatment room. We may ask for ID since we may not be seeing are own patients who we recognise.

Upon entering, we will ask you to apply and thoroughly wipe your hands with alcohol gel, before showing you to the treatment room. This may not be your usual room, since we need to leave rooms ‘fallow’ for up to an hour to ensure they are free of the virus. Please do not touch anything if at all possible particularly doors.

Please do not bring much with you. We would not want it being contaminated unintentionally. Please also ask anyone with you to stay in the car if appropriate (children of a young age etc.)

We will undertake only what is necessary and safe to perform. This may well limit what we are able to offer, but we certainly hope it will be proper pain relief and secure temporary fillings at the very least. Please note the windows will be open to ensure adequate ventilation to dilute the possible virus particles.

After treatment we will escort you back to the front door, where after a second application of alcohol gel, we will let you out. No payments will be taken at this stage. Instead, those that are not covered by Denplan, will be contacted for payments over the phone. How to do this is on another sheet.

We obviously ask you to respect the present Social Distancing rules in front of and within the building.